Guiding Principles

My whole platform, and all activities attempt to:
  • Meet the needs of our diverse and international constituency;
  • Promote the engagement of underrepresented groups such as women, students, and young professionals; and
  • Enable and support sound ethical practices.

Position Statement

IEEE has not kept pace with the changing engineering profession and global society. IEEE must adjust or gradually diminish in relevance. My three main goals are to:
  • Increase IEEE’s relevance to existing and new industry members, and tie them better with members from academia and government. For example, I would help create practitioner reports and trend papers of timely and practical value. I will host modern events targeted to developers, such as IEEE Infrastructure that I co-chair, and evaluate trending of cross-technologies such as Confluence report that I co-sponsored.
  • Innovate IEEE by introducing offerings, such as: new membership recruited from the global pool of 18.2M software developers (26.4M by 2019); new elevated member grade, e.g. distinguished member; tighter workflow connecting technical activities and standards association for right-timing standards; events co-sponsored by industry/academia/government; corporate partnership with enterprises, SMBs, and startups.
  • Reinvigorate global membership, expanding into growing regions, such as Asia and Africa while strengthening Americas/Europe membership. For example, introducing IEEE-Europe and IEEE-Asia can make IEEE-USA stronger by sharing best practices and fostering competitive growth. Collaborate with sister organizations, such as NAE, AAAI, ACM, ASM, etc., towards cross fertilization and sharing experiences and member benefits.
As an innovator from industry with strong ties to academia and government and with global history, I have a proven track record as a catalyst of change. The changes I have introduced were inclusive in execution and embraced by those impacted. I believe that I am well suited to lead the change as a president of IEEE.