As Industry Engagement Chair
  • Organized a new-style industry conference “Infrastructure” (2018) by industry and for industry with attendance from top Silicon Valley Companies; planning is under way for 2019 conference
  • With Barry Shoop, started Confluence events which resulted in report on AI/ML applied to cybersecurity
  • Surveyed industry requirements by leading board delegation to Taiwan; this resulted in the collaboration with ITRI on the 2030 Trend Report 
  • Organized board outreaches to Israel, Silicon Valley, China, Japan, Germany
  • Created a portfolio of products and services: industry summit, technology trend papers, Xplore I/F test
As Audit Committee Chair
  • Assessed Risk and led the audit committee in monitoring  financial, reputation, IT and other risks for the IEEE
  • Drove portfolio and line of business financial analyses for the purpose of auditing
  • Contributed to the cross-organizational improvements for the process of auditing conferences
  • On behalf of IEEE Board, oversaw financials of IEEE GlobalSpec by working with IEEE GlobalSpec Board
As IEEE Computer Society PresidentDivision
  • Was a founding editor of IEEE Computing Now, a new mashup-based society-wide content delivery model. IEEE Computing Now has been distributed to 100,000s recipients as a modern delivery vehicle
  • Introduced common practices and drove the establishment of special technical communities which served as a model to IEEE Communities
  • As the principal editor of IEEE CS 2022 Technical Report, I formed the team of authors and drove the creation and publication of the document predicting 23 technologies that will have disruptive adoption by the year 2022 and currently I lead 2027 Report
  • I instituted the prestigious Spirit of Computer Society Award in 2014, awarded annually to one volunteer and one staff member of Computer Society who best reflect the spirit of this organization.
  • Initiated and led Tech Trends (2015-2019), the 2018 Tech Trends press release was picked up by 294 media outlets (84.6M audience, highest for a news release), a CS’s top content on Twitter with over 10,000 views, hundreds of retweets, and one of CS’s most-read content
  • Served as a TAB liaison to the IEEE Awards Board and to the IEEE Industry Engagement Committee, improving cross-organizational collaboration.
  • Organized the IEEE Computing Society Fellows event and Fellows mailing list, increasing Fellows awareness