Endorsements (alphabetically)

The list of endorsements below represent a spectrum of people from industry, academia, and government. People I have closely collaborated with in the past in many capacities: at IEEE boards and committees, organziing conferences, on editorial boards. It also has a number of people I worked with in my daily life in my current company and many others. I tried to create a 360 degrees view of myself, by including endorsements from managers, peers, and those who I mentored. 

One important missing list is anybody currently on the IEEE Board. I consider these implied Conflcit of Interest (IEEE President presides over IEEE Board) and I have not included anyone from the current IEEE Board for this reason.

Hossam Ali, Industry Engagement Committee Member

I had the pleasure of volunteering with Dejan for 2 years as part of IEEE Industry Engagement Committee. Dejan is a great leader, inspiring mentor and exceptional IEEE volunteer. His engineering and strategic management skills allowed him to develop productive programs/initiatives oriented to industry. I really enjoyed working with Dejan and hope to work with him again and again!

Martin Arlitt, Principal Research Scientist and Manager, Micro Focus

Dejan and I have known each other for two decades, both as colleagues at HP Labs and as collaborators on IEEE projects. I enthusiastically endorse Dejan for the position of IEEE President. Dejan exhibits so many qualities of an ideal candidate that it is difficult for me to concisely summarize them. His long list of accomplishments illustrates his leadership abilities, his tireless work ethic, and his tenacity. His long list of endorsements is a testament to his personable nature, his willingness to listen to others and his recognition that working as a team rather than a group of individuals results in better, more timely solutions.  Lastly, he is the biggest fan of the IEEE that I have ever met; but rather than dwell on past successes, he wants to lead the IEEE to even greater heights. If elected IEEE President, I know Dejan will accomplish this.

Ozalp Babaoglu, Professor, University of Bologna, Italy – ACM Fellow

I have known Dejan for many years and have interacted with him both personally and professionally on numerous occasions.  First and foremost, Dejan is an accomplished scientist with firm industrial roots who has made significant contributions to computer systems in the areas of cloud computing, peer-to-peer systems and HPC.  Equally importantly, Dejan is a natural leader, motivator and consensus builder with excellent managerial and organizational skills.  His approach to problem solving is direct, pragmatic and efficient.  I am convinced that Dejan has the experience, technical depth, the required breadth and the long-term vision that is necessary to propel the IEEE into the future.

Cullen Bash, Director System Architecture Lab and VP Hewlett Packard Labs

I have known Dejan for over 20 years from our time together at Hewlett Packard Laboratories and have worked closely with him for the past 10 years.  It’s my pleasure to endorse him wholeheartedly for President of IEEE.  Dejan has the unique quality of being technically deep in his area of expertise while actively seeking opportunities for cross-disciplinary research.  Throughout his career Dejan has sought to increase value by bringing people with different ideas and areas of expertise together, rather than keeping them separated.  He exhibits this attitude in his research and in his volunteering.  As President of IEEE, I expect him to bring this philosophy of inclusivity to the Society.   Given the challenges professional societies are facing today with declining membership and with demonstrating their relevance to the evolving communities within which they serve, I believe this characteristic is critical to setting IEEE up for continued success.  Dejan is the leader that can take our Society into its next chapter.  He has a vision for IEEE’s future and, just as important, he has the ability to execute that vision. 

Ray Beausoleil, Senior Fellow and SVP, Hewlett Packard Labs

I have known Dejan for more than a decade, and I enthusiastically and strongly endorse his candidacy for IEEE president. I note with admiration the impact that he had on the IEEE Computer Society while he was its visionary President in 2014, and his continuing dedication to the IEEE as the principal professional organization for electrical and computer engineers is unmatched in this field. He has spoken and written eloquently about the current critical need to increase the IEEE's relevance to a rapidly-changing information technology industry, innovate in recruiting of software engineers and other underrepresented professions, and expand global recruiting efforts in Asia and Africa. He has the ability to engage and lead multidisciplinary teams that are remarkably successful at solving important problems well before they are commonly appreciated by other practitioners. I am very confident that these personal qualities (as well as his easygoing, supportive, and strategic leadership style) will help him become one of the outstanding IEEE presidents of our generation.

Sonia Ben Mokhtar, CNRS Senior Researcher (Directrice de Recherches), HDR Head of the Distributed Systems and Information Retrieval group (DRIM@LIRIS)

I had a pleasure to learn about Dejan while we were program co-chairs of ACM Middleware Conference in Trento, Italy, in 2016. Dejan is an outstanding, internationally recognized researcher at the heart of the distributed systems community. He has true leadership with a sharp and clear vision of open challenges in this very dynamic and rapidly evolving research field. Humanly speaking, Dejan is extremely reliable with strong management capabilities while being a very nice person to interact with. Leadership, Vision, and Reliability are the three words I would use to describe Dejan: I am convinced his election would bring IEEE a real added value!

Elisa Bertino, Professor, Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA, IEEE Fellow

I have known Dejan for many years both through his research work and his activities in the IEEE Computer Society. His research work on system architectures has impacted industry and academia and is an excellent example of research that is academically very relevant and at the same time solves real problems. I have attended keynotes he gave at conferences and I have been impressed by his broad technical vision. As president of the IEEE Computer Society he did  an amazing job with new initiatives and with enhancing the society finances. He continues to be involved in many relevant initiatives of the IEEE Computer Society.  I strongly endorse Dejan’s candidacy for IEEE President.  His combination of broad view of research and applications, expanding well beyond the Computer Science discipline, and his business attitude makes him the ideal candidate to serve in the role of IEEE President.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Ivona Brandić, Electronic Commerce Group, Institute of Information Systems Engineering, Vienna University of Technology

In 2018, I had the pleasure to co-chair with Dejan the IEEE IC2E conference. I experienced him as a dedicated, solution-oriented, and very charismatic computer scientist. He has excellent problem-solving abilities while always remaining calm and enthusiastic, even in critical situations. I am impressed by his dense network of collaborators and peers, and about his excellent reputation among his peers. He has the drive to motivate and engage people, which is one of the most important leadership characteristics nowadays. There is no doubt that he has the vision and the capacity to lead IEEE.

Kirk Bresniker, Hewlett Packard Labs Chief Architect, HPE Fellow and Vice President

It is my great pleasure to endorse Dejan Milojicic’s candidacy for IEEE President.   I met Dejan almost immediately upon joining Hewlett Packard Labs in 2014.  I had come to Labs after twenty five years leading technology teams in our global business units not to transition from engineering to research, but to try and sit in the challenge gap that had evolved between these two groups and work to bridge them.  How to get  business unit engineering teams across HPE with roadmaps measured in months and that needed to consume technology from a global supply chain  to connect to Labs teams working with academia on basic and applied research with five, ten, or twenty year horizons?  In this must-win effort I could have not hoped for a better collaborator than Dejan. He has a perspective that balances and connects academic and industrial mindsets.   He immediately connected me not only to the research community within Labs, he connected me to the full breadth of the IEEE community, a connection that frankly I had let lapse back in my undergraduate days and mentored me through the process of becoming a Senior Member.  In many ways, the challenge he is helping me tackle at Labs directly mirrors that of the IEEE at large, the need to adapt to the changing needs of academics and industrial practitioners and that is perhaps the most valuable asset he will bring to the IEEE as President.  Whether it is observing Dejan working side by side with one of his graduate student interns here at Labs, directly collaborating with me on patent applications,  or working at his invitation and under his direction in global forums like the IEEE Industrial Advisory Board, IEEE Cyber/AI Confluence or the IEEE Infrastructure Conference, what sets Dejan apart to me is his leadership by example and his almost unbelievable personal productivity.  Dejan Milojicic is my ideal candidate for a role like the IEEE President, someone who has a genuine desire to serve, who wants a position of leadership because they know they can contribute more and whose primary goal is helping others achieve their goals.

Greg Byrd, Professor of ECE, NC State University, IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors

Dejan is a skilled leader and innovator, and it has been my pleasure to work with him for several years as a Computer Society volunteer.  He has a low-key, engaging style that pulls you in immediately, but you soon learn how insightful and analytical he is.  He listens carefully, leads by example, and offers constructive and targeted feedback, often with a dash of humor.  Dejan sets clear goals and inspires others to work with him on achieving them.  His experience in both academic and industry settings is a strong asset for leading the IEEE.  He gives generously of his time and talents, to both individuals and to organizations, and he is fully invested in helping others to succeed. I have no doubt that he would be a effective and visionary President of the IEEE.

Jenifer Castillo, IEEE Region 9 IE Adhoc Committee Chair and IEEE Industry Engagement Committee Member

Working with Dejan has been a really good experience, he has opened doors, give feedback, and guide a team with a clear action plan which is really good when you are a volunteer and have to make the most with the time you are allocating to IEEE. I am very happy to be part of his network, and the way he has been working on the Industry Engagement Committee shows a good perspective for the future of IEEE with his guidance

Carl Chang, Prof. Iowa State, IEEE Computer Society President 2004

I have known Dejan for over ten years, since I was still the Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Computer. We decided to publish an article on Open Cirrus, which is a global cloud computing testbed and a perfect example to support my testimonial that Dejan has a knack for bridging the gap between industry, academia and government. Having listened to two keynotes by Dejan at IEEE COMPSAC, one was at Vasteras, Sweden in 2014, the other in Tokyo, Japan in 2018, I am certain that he is highly effective in achieving what his heart tells him to do. Please do review Dejan’s position statement for the election, and communicate with him to inform him what you see as necessary initiatives to improve the state of IEEE and wellbeing of its members.  Technology-wise, I must emphasize Dejan’s pioneering work on Multiple Virtual Address Spaces per Process in the area of rack scale systems, which appeared at APLOS 2016 and was selected as the HiPEAC best paper. I understand that it resulted in 7 patent applications. Speaking of OpenCirrus again, it’s is a very complex project where a group of 16 members from academia, industry, and government gathered to form a testbed with each site contributing 1,000 cores. Dejan is one of the key architects of OpenCirrus. During Dejan’s tenure as IEEE Computer Society President, he led the Computer Society to turn the financials around by reducing the deficit by 37% through tirelessly examining the entire portfolio of the Society’s products and services. I commend him for such outstanding leadership and achievements. Another very impressive accomplishment by Dejan is that he initiated and executed the 2022 Report, which was used as a basis for two of the Society’s Strategic Plans, as well as for two student competitions.In short, from my perspective as the 2004 President of the Computer Society, and my experience from active professional engagement for almost 40 years, I wholeheartedly  endorse Dejan’s candidacy for IEEE President.  It will be truly a blessing to this great community if he gets elected.

Tom Conte, Professor of CS and ECE, Georgia Institute of Technology, IEEE Computer Society President 2015

I served as the president of IEEE Computer Society (CS) in 2015, the year following when Dejan served. As president-elect in 2014, I witnessed Dejan’s massive efforts to improve the financial position of the society.  This resulted in a remarkable 37% reduction in annual expenses. While financials were his focus during his 2014 CS presidency, he also produced a number of other lasting artifacts, such as the CS Report 2022, the “Spirit of CS” Award for a staff and a volunteer, “Technology Trends” that continue to capture attention of media, the innovative IEEE Computing Now publication, and many others. After our CS positions, Dejan and I continued to collaborate within the IEEE Rebooting Computing Initiative.  In the Initiative, Dejan directs the systems software aspects.  He also instituted a very successful Confluence event at the annual IEEE Rebooting Computing Week. In sum, I support Dejan’s Presidential nomination in the strongest terms possible. Dejan has the right balance of technology, business, and management acumen as well as the vision needed to lead IEEE into the future.

Eddie Custovic, Director, La Trobe Innovation & Entrepreneurship Foundry (LIEF)

I have known Dejan Milojicic for several years in a professional and personal capacity, and can whole heartedly testify to his incredible capability to deliver exceptional results no matter what he is involved in. What makes Dejan a stand out individual is his ability to empower & mentor others while being inclusive of all stakeholders. No matter how busy his life gets, he always finds time to help those around him and that is a reflection of his character. In my 10+ years of professional engineering work, I have never come across anyone who work’s as hard as Dejan. He is an outstanding leader, who is results driven yet always manages to ensure that everyone’s opinion is considered. His professional career results, especially those at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) where he currently works, speak for themselves. Combining his deep technical knowledge, long term involvement with IEEE and various operating units, and vision to transform IEEE to become more industry orientated make him ideal for the most senior IEEE leadership role.

Chris Dalton, Distinguished Technologist, HP Labs, HP Inc.

I am more than happy to endorse Dejan for the position of IEEE president. Whilst in Hewlett-Packard Labs I had the great pleasure (and fun) of working fruitfully with Dejan on projects that pushed the boundaries of several areas ranging from memory-centric computer architectures, future operating system designs with novel security architectures through to innovative accelerators for ML/AI.  Without doubt Dejan has a deep grasp of a broad spectrum of technology and research. But I've also been witness to his skill at articulating vision and the higher-level consequences of technological & research innovation to broad government, industry and academic audiences. A rare but most valuable skill. Allied to this, Dejan has the personality and drive to just make things happen. I continue to be impressed at Dejan's ability as a leader to foster support for ideas, his ability to pull teams together and get the right collaborations in place both from industry and through his well-earned reputation in the academic world. We can all have ideas but delivering on those ideas to me is what is important, and you know that with Dejan he will do just that.

Erik DeBenedictis, co-lead for IEEE Rebooting Computing and Quantum Initiatives

I have actively worked with Dejan over the last three years in IEEE efforts to identify and nurture new technologies. For example, he has been a co-lead in the Rebooting Computing initiative, contributing both his expertise in technology and his round-the-world connections. He is the originator of an activity during Rebooting Computing week that focuses on the confluence of cyber security and artificial intelligence and also the leads the yearly top technology trends survey. Dejan is both a respected technical guru and an effective, forward-thinking advocate for new ideas. I offer him my strongest endorsement.

César De Rose, IEEE Member, Professor of CS, PUCRS, Brazil

I was very happy to hear that Dejan is running for the IEEE presidency. I had the opportunity to work with him in research projects for several years and also in the organization of workshops and conferences. I was impressed with his technical skills, strong management and leadership capabilities and, most important for me, that he was still always accessible and a very nice person to interact with. He has academic and industrial experience and a long-term involvement with IEEE. I am sure he has the competence, experience and vision to do an excellent job as the next president of IEEE.


Zoran Dimitrijevic, PhD. Airbnb Labs

I have known Dejan for about 20 years since I was his intern at Hewlett Packard Laboratories in Summer 2000.  I want to strongly endorse Dejan for the President of IEEE. Dejan has in-depth technical expertise in distributed computer systems with long experience working with systems from several eras (from mainframes and personal computers to supercomputers and clusters). Dejan has the ability to bring people with different expertise, experience and ideas together and to motivate them to contribute to society by publishing their work and by sharing their vision. Given the challenges professional societies face today I believe Dejan has the energy, skills and the ability to help IEEE choose the right path for the next decade. 

Schahram Dustdar, IEEE Fellow, Chair Informatics section of the Academia Europaea Full Professor, TU Wien, Austria

I know Dejan more than 10 years, including our joint time at IEEE Internet Computing. Dejan is a wise leader, kind colleague, highly dependable and reliable person who exhibits and values technical excellence. Furthermore, Dejan has excellent social skills; in small teams as well as in larger groups and communities. He is the ideal leader for becoming IEEE President. This position needs a president who fully embraces that the IEEE is an international society for scientists and engineers globally and acts as a unifying force so that science and engineering can benefit global society transcending national borders and closed mindsets, thereby imlementing IEEE's vision of "AdvancingTechnology for Humanity".


Nigel Edwards, Distinguished Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

It is my pleasure to endorse Dr Dejan Milojicic’s candidature for President of the IEEE. I have been privileged to work with Dr Milojicic as a colleague in Hewlett Packard Labs for well over a decade. During that time I have observed a number of attributes that I believe make him an extremely strong candidate and will enable him to be an outstanding President. Modern IT systems are highly complex machines designed and built in collaboration by numerous specialist engineers, including processor designers, operating system engineers, application programmers and network engineers. Many of these engineers would regard the IEEE as an important institution and membership as a natural requirement for their career. It is therefore important for any President to have a very wide breadth of technical knowledge and experience. Dr Milojicic definitely has this. I have observed and collaborated with him at first hand on processor architectural primitives for security, specialised accelerators for machine learning and artificial intelligence, and memory driven computing. He has extensive knowledge of application programming, operating system architectures, processor architectures, system security, artificial intelligence and machine learning. As President, I am sure his technical breadth will enable Dr Milojicic to interact with and serve the wide range of IEEE members to great effect. Dr Milojicic is also a natural leader, collaborator and networker. On numerous occasions I have observed him seek-out, establish and lead successful collaborations across diverse geographically dispersed teams in Hewlett Packard Enterprise and outside the company. Within the IEEE, I participated in the IEEE Confluence on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applied to Cybersecurity in 2017. He was one of the leaders of the event and its success is testament to his leadership and collaboration skills, as well as his technical skills. As President of IEEE I am confident he will put his leadership and collaboration skills to great use in promoting collaboration within and outside the institution. He will serve the IEEE and its membership with distinction.

Izzat El Hajj, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, American University of Beirut

I met Dejan when I was a graduate student while doing an internship at Hewlett Packard Labs. He was my mentor then, and he has continued to be my mentor ever since. I have collaborated with Dejan on numerous research projects involving myself and other graduate students and researchers, and I have been impressed by his remarkable leadership. Dejan empowers junior team members by believing in them and assigning them a high status in the team. He is keen on providing team members with the resources and expertise they need without them even asking, and he is also keen on bringing people together to create opportunities for them. Dejan sets high expectations and makes sure no questions are left unasked. However, he always puts people first making sure everyone is happy, and he is always understanding and accommodating of personal circumstances and preferences. Dejan's humility, openness, empathy, and genuine care for others make him a great mentor, a great collaborator, and a great leader. With all these qualities, I have no doubt that Dejan would excel as IEEE President. I endorse him wholeheartedly.

Lance Fung, Emeritus Professor Lance C.C. Fung, Murdoch University Chair IEEE New Initiatives Committee (2019)

I worked with Dejan as members of the IEEE New Initiatives Committee during 2017-2018. I am very impressed with his dedication and professionalism in assessing the proposals. He provided insights and acute comments on the projects, and in particular, he always gave constructive suggestions to the proposers on how to improve the initiatives. As member of the committee, he is cordial and respectful of others. I have learnt a lot from his experience and judgements. His leadership in the IEEE Confluence report on the paper on Cybersecurity, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is significant, leading to an important and challenging area affecting us all. I wish him well in his continual contributions towards IEEE and the global technical community!

Professor Alfredo Goldman, University of Sao Paolo, Brasil

I am pleased to write some words of support for Dejan. As he is already widely known as a top researcher and has shown his capabilities on IEEE in several positions, I will focus on describing how amazing it is to collaborate with him. He has some unique qualities that make him an outstanding person to join efforts with. He can be at the same time very inclusive and friendly, without losing the effectiveness. He always has the right questions to move the research forward or good answers to solve the current issue. Even being extremely occupied, he is able to find some free slots whenever needed. I am profoundly confident that with all his collaborative skills he will be a great IEEE president.

Abhishek Gupta, HPC and 3D visualization innovation manager at Schlumberger

Dejan has been a mentor and an advisor to me since the summer of 2011, when I first interned under his supervision at HP labs.  It gives me immense pride to write an endorsement for him; his drive to perform simple but impactful work is very inspiring. Besides, being a technical visionary, he is also a great motivator and has extremely positive attitude. I have collaborated with him on several research papers and have learned a lot from him.  I continue to pass those learnings to the people I mentor. Dejan has my strongest endorsement for the IEEE president position. With his great quality to make the most out of any situation and track record of promoting and involving his network, I believe he will be a great leader for IEEE.

Hermann Härtig, Operating Systems Chair at TU Dresden

I know Dejan since the 1980-ties when he started his PhD studies in Kaiserslautern and never lost contact since then. He was always and still is interested in building bridges between academia and industrial research and practice using the privileges of his various positions in industry. He visited my team many times and inspired my students. He also provided internships for my students and took well care for them. I wish him a successful candidacy.

Mazdak Hashemi, Former VP of Engineering at Twitter; Entrepreneur

I joined the IEEE advisory board a few years ago where Dejan originally started it and chaired the committee. I was very impressed with his level of professionalism, domain knowledge and how organized he chaired the board. To date, I am still not sure how Dejan is able to work on so many things in parallel and where he gets the energy to do them all so well. Dejan and I also co-chaired the first IEEE infrastructure conference in 2018 which I know it wouldn't have happened without his partnership, dedication, the amount of effort and time that he put into it. Dejan is not just a strong technical leader, but also a great human being and someone I appreciate to call a good friend now. I appreciate Dejan's discipline, strength and always giving it all he has when it comes to IEEE organization and community. The amount of time that Dejan has devoted to IEEE is admiring and he has been transformational in bringing more industry and applied engineering focus to this amazing organization.

Professor Sumi Helal, Chair in Digital Health, Lancaster University, UK

I have have known Dejan for many years and interacted with him in many contexts including the Technical Committee of Operating Systems (TCOS), the Technical Committee of Internet (TCI), IEEE Computer, and the IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors. He is a true technical leader and a visionary influencer with significant contributions to classical and contemporary operating systems, distributed and parallel systems, and service computing. He is also a deeply experienced manager with unquestionable business acumen as evident from his career path, his innovations, and his contributions to key products and services. At a professional level, I worked with him towards the end of his tenure as President of the Computer Society and later on as I joined the Board of Governors. This was different from working with him through emails etc. I managed to see and witness how seasoned and experienced he is as a professional and also got a peak at his amazing volunteer skills. He is articulate and able to make the case. He is masterful in mobilizing and initiating team work with unmistakably inclusive and respectful character. He is absolutely results-oriented, and perhaps his secret source for success as a volunteer and an organizer is the way he conducts himself in the volunteer work he leads - he is always serious, pleasant, on time, prepared, and makes you feel nothing else is going on in his life or more important than the volunteer activity on hand (such an amazing capacity). This uplifts all who work with him and sets a high but desired professional bar. I have truly enjoyed working with him in every project that involved the two of us. I strongly and wholeheartedly support Dejan for the office of the President of the IEEE.

Wen-Mei Hwu, Walter J. Sanders III-AMD Endowed Chair professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering in the Coordinated Science Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

I wholeheartedly endorse Dejan Milojicic for IEEE President. I have worked closely with Dejan on Computer Society Research Advisory Board. I have always been impressed with his visionary ideas and thoughtful approach to solving complex problems. I have also collaborated with Dejan and co-authored major publications with him. He is an excellent researcher who brings tremendous expertise in operating systems and effective leadership for large teams. As IEEE President, Dejan would be a visionary, thoughtful, and effective leader for our flagship professional organization.

Harold Javid, Director University Relations, Microsoft

I have had the opportunity to watch Dejan define needs, work with IEEE volunteers to develop an approach, and then consistently and professional lead the effort to bring something new to realization. Dejan began his tenure as President of the IEEE Computer Society with a clear vision that the society needed to tighten its finances and focus its energies. He worked with the Board of Governors on a specific set of initiatives that left the society in a much stronger position at year’s end. While I was serving on the IEEE Board of Directors, I saw Dejan’s focus in a very different area. Recognizing the IEEE’s need to more actively engage with companies, he first piloted and then created a breadth of new industry engagement models. Dejan has a way of recognizing a need, working with others to build an approach, and then energetically, consistently creating results that remain.

Hironori Kasahara, IEEE Computer Society President 2018 A Senior Executive Vice President at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Dejan S Milojicic was an honorable President with great humanity of IEEE Computer Society in 2014 and has been a respectable adviser for Computer Society leaders as an IEEE Division Director since his presidential year. In Computer Society, he implemented various innovative ideas including "IEEE Computing Now",  "the Computer Society Report 2022", "IEEE Computer Society Predicts the Future of Tech: Top 10 Technology Trends", and so on that have been highly appreciated by not only the IEEE members but also World researchers and practitioners outside the IEEE. Furthermore, he is also a true researcher leading HP Labs World famous and respected Low Power High Performance Computer Project with Innovative Memory System "The Machine". Dejan would be an IEEE President with well-balanced technical visions, great humanity, passion and dreams.

Jeff Kephart Distinguished RSM, Symbiotic Cognitive Systems IBM Research AI. IEEE Fellow and Member, IBM Academy of Technology IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center

Dr. Dejan S MilI've known Dejan Milojicic for several years through our mutual involvement in the International Conference on Autonomic Computing, which I co-founded and for which I served as steering committee chair for many years. Our steering committee chose Dejan as general chair for ICAC 2012, knowing that he would do a very professional and conscientious job. What particularly impressed me was that Dejan went well beyond our high expectations for him as general chair, and capitalized on his long experience and his strong connections with societies such as IEEE and USENIX to institute practices that had a strong and lasting positive impact on the health and vitality of our conference.

Dejan is never complacent; he is always on the lookout for ways to improve institutions and procedures. He is full of good ideas, and possesses the energy and the know-how to execute them well. In short, Dejan Milojicic is a great leader who possesses all of the right traits and skills required to be a very effective president of the IEEE. He has my enthusiastic support.

Danny Lange, VP of AI and Machine Learning - Unity Technologies

I have in various capacities worked with Dejan for well over two decades. The collaborations have ranged from organizing conferences together, collaborating in standardization efforts, joint publications and advisory boards to mention a few. A common theme in all these efforts has been to give back to the community. Dejan is the one who has managed to pull me into a number of IEEE-driven initiatives because of his vision and professional convictions. Dejan is a multiplier and a leader who acts rather than merely talking. I wholeheartedly endorse Dejan’s candidacy for IEEE President.

Phil Laplante, Professor, Penn State

I have worked closely with Dejan for more than 10 years, first through our many joint activities on various Computer Society committees and activities, and later, simply because I enjoy working with him on various research projects. That he is brilliant, goes without needing elaboration – his accomplishments attest to that. But Dejan has that rare combination of tenacity, kindness and political astuteness that enables him to lead large, complex projects to success while making all involved feel like they are valued. What I have seen Dejan do many times -- and this is what the IEEE needs most – is to bring people together, to listen, to motivate and find consensus amongst the noise, and do it with the utmost efficiency, respect and decorum.

Hui Lei, PhD, IEEE Fellow, Director and CTO, Watson Health Cloud, IBM. IBM Distinguished Engineer

I have worked with Dejan on many occasions. He is one of the most devoted leaders I know in IEEE and has made outstanding contributions that have advanced the cause of the IEEE and benefited the IEEE membership at large. Visionary, resourceful, experienced, and at the same time creative, he is highly qualified to lead IEEE to a new level of success. I endorse his presidential candidacy wholeheartedly!

David Lomet, Principal Researcher Microsoft Research Redmond, WA

It is a pleasure to endorse Dejan Milojicic’s election as president-elect of the IEEE.  I worked several years with Dejan at the Computer Society, where I have servied as First Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Board member.  I have directly witnessed his efforts.  And I can attest to the positive impact that Dejan has had on the Computer Society.   Dejan has the qualities and experience to move the IEEE in the right direction. (1) He knows technology.  Dejan is a technology leader at HP.  His area of expertise overlaps mine. I know he is a strong technologist. (2)  He has demonstrated how to be responsive to members.  As Computer Society president, Dejan refocused its governance to empower members and their technical committees.  Refocusing the IEEE on empowering societies is exactly what the IEEE needs. (3) He has dealt with financial complexities.  Dejan initiated steps to rein in Computer Society expenses, and he will work to do the same at the IEEE level. (4) He knows how to engage people with our technical organization.  I know that from personal experience.  Dejan recruited me to Computer Society governance, so I have seen this skill up-close and personal. Finally, Dejan knows how to succeed.  He has the technical, organizational, financial, and leadership skills that the IEEE needs.

Dr.-Ing. Peter Magyar, IEEE LF, IAS Director of Chapter Development

It is my great honor to support Dr. Dejan S. Milojicic for being elected as the 2021 President of IEEE. I met Dejan in person during the IEEE Board outreach in Melbourne in 2017 and at the R8 Committee Spring 2019 Meeting. I know him as an open minded and friendly colleague. As IEEE is an international professional organization of electrical and electronics engineers I am convinced that the Institute would be conducted best by a President who is an international  professional and concurrently a dedicated IEEE leader. Dejan´s career gives positive proof of his professional internationalism since being born in Serbia he graduated as an electrical engineer in Serbia, received his PhD in Germany and worked for well-respected international institutions in the US, Europe and Asia.  More than 180 publications, 37 granted patents and his leadership as a distinguished technologist at HP Labs also prove his great professional achievement. Dejan demonstrated remarkable IEEE activity and volunteering capacity in various positions of IEEE. His life history dedicates him not only to govern the professional activity of IEEE but also to serve as an excellent connection between the R1-6 and R7-10 membership. I will vote for Dejan and hope that a lot of those volunteers I have met over the last 20 years will follow me.

Francisco Martinez, Sistemas Azteca SA CEO, 2004-2005 IEEE Director. Mexico

I have known personally Dejan S Milojicic for several years now and worked with him in Industry Engagement Committee and IEEE Infrastructure Conference. His personal skills, attributes and involvement of many years in IEEE make him highly qualified to lead IEEE.

I am confident that Dejan S Milojicic, if elected, will do an outstanding job as IEEE President, because I am sure he will continue devoting all his passion, experience and the time required, not only to drive the IEEE to increase its leadership in the technological fields, but also working to develop more and better products and services for IEEE members around the world that benefit their growth and careers.

Andrea Matwyshyn, Professor + Assoc. Dean of Innovation, Penn State Law - University Park Professor, Penn State Engineering Founding Director, PSU PILOT Lab

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Dejan on white papers arising from IEEE conferences that he organized and chaired. Dejan provided vision and structure that successfully kept our potentially unwieldy group of collaborators focused and on task. The group generated work product of high quality thanks to Dejan’s capable leadership, and I’m confident that his skills will successfully transfer to the role of IEEE president. 

Prof. Avi Mendelson, Technion, IEEE Fellow

It is my pleasure and honour to support the nomination of Dr. Dejan Milojicic as the next IEEE president. I have no doubt that Dejan is the best candidate we have due to his unique set of characteristics. (1) Industry Experience – Dejan works as a manager of a research team in HPE where he leads research projects that aim at pushing the technology boundaries at many different OS, hardware, software and applications’ frontiers. As part of his daily job, he meets with technology leaders as well as with customers. (2) Industry Impact – as part of his industrial responsibilities, Dejan has major impact on the future of HPE, and he used this experience for the benefit of the IEEE and the computer society; e.g., a) he managed and contributed to the IEEE reports on technology trends and the 2022 technology roadmap Report; b) he helped organize events on the impact of specific technology developments to Industry and to IEEE (e.g. the workshop and report on cybersecurity and AI or the rebooting workshop. c) he managed meeting with the industry to discuss the mutual relations between the IEE and specific industries, etc. (3) Academic Impact – Dejan has an impressive number of publications and patents. He always maintains an excellent research collaboration with some of the top research centres world-wide, including Technion, ETH, Cambridge and many more. I believe that the ability to understand both the industrial perspective of our organization as well as the academia’s perspective is an asset that the IEEE urgently needs. (4) Geographic Diversity – Dejan born in Europe, lived most of his professional life in USA and has vast collaboration activities with research and industry canters in the far-east. He can serve as a perfect catalyst for expanding the IEEE's activities into new geographical area and new markets. (5) Integrity – I know Dejan long enough to know that he always fulfills his promises; so, I am certain he will do an excellent job as the next president of the IEEE. (6) Long and Lasting Contribution to the IEEE – he served the IEEE at all levels, so he knows the organization inside-out and already demonstrated his qualifications and contributions. Taking all these factors into account, I am convinced that Dr. Dejan Milojicic is the best candidate we currently have for becoming the next president of the IEEE organization.

Alexander Merritt, Intel

I have had the pleasure of working with Dejan Milojicic for multiple years during my graduate studies. He was a mentor during my time at Hewlett Packard Labs, as well as an actively engaged member on my dissertation committee while I was at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He always treated me as an equal colleague and encouraged me to strive to improve in all aspects of my work. His engagements were very timely (no matter the timezone difference). One of my most successful collaborations in my career was with Dejan, who formed a small group of students, myself included, from very different backgrounds during an internship, enabling us to create and learn from each other: we published a paper at a prestigious venue and filed multiple inventions, but most importantly, we found new colleagues. He strived to help us succeed in building our careers, and I believe he was successful at doing so. I am confident that Dejan will succeed in his next endeavor with IEEE.

Mario Milicevic, Ph.D. Chair, IEEE Public Visibility Committee Staff Communication Systems Engineer, MaxLinear Inc.

Dr. Milojicic thoroughly understands the challenges that IEEE faces as a professional association in the 21st century, particularly related to membership and its relevance to industry. Over the past several years, he has championed multiple timely and pragmatic initiatives to address these challenges and to ensure that IEEE remains the professional home of the scientific and engineering community. His action-oriented leadership style, coupled with his career success as a distinguished technologist at HP Labs and broad IEEE volunteer experience in the Computer Society and on the IEEE Board of Directors, make him ideally suited to lead the IEEE in the right direction.

Khaled Mokhtar, Emerging Technologies & Innovation Manager at Etisalat

I have been working with Dejan for the past few years in the industry engagement workforce within the IEEE. Dejan is one of the most empowering leaders I have met through my journey. He empowers the younger generations while being shoulder to shoulder providing mentoring and support. Looking at his IEEE Success and his professional career, makes me consider Dejan as one of my role models. He combines the professional experience with the volunteering efforts all together with great success. Dejan's superpower is getting things done, as simple and as impactful as it is. I learned a lot from him and still learning all the way working together in all the future capacities.

Klara Nahrstedt, Ralph M. and Catherine V. Fisher Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

I have worked with Dejan on the technical level as a colleague and collaborator. Dejan’s research spans from cloud computing, edge computing to various aspects of resource management and cyber-infrastructure for large scale systems. Dejan’s has been a highly innovative, knowledgeable  and constructive colleague and collaborator working with me, my colleagues, and students in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. During our meetings, his ideas, comments, and discussions have been informative, respectful and creative, pushing science forward in the intellectual sense and organizational sense. I am certain he will move the science to the next levels as the IEEE President, exploring new directions and responding to the many societal challenges.  Therefore, I very strongly endorse him for the position of the IEEE President.

Ed Palacio 2019 Region 1 Director-Elect

I have had the pleasure of working very closely with Dejan on multiple Industry initiatives over the past 3 years.  I find him to be a highly motivated, passionate and effective leader. He has the ability to listen, assess and then formulate actionable plans that deal with the issue and, more importantly are achievable and make sense to implement. I believe this stems from the fact that he is one of those rare individuals that has succeeded in all of the IEEE’s major endeavors…he is successful practitioner and  researcher, as well as an accomplished author with ample academic experience. He is the balanced and passionate leader I feel the IEEE needs as we move into the next decade.

 He tenido el gran placer de trabajar íntimamente,  en los últimos 3 años, con Dejan en múltiples iniciativas enfocada en la industria.   Lo encuentro que es un líder altamente motivado, apasionado y eficaz.  Él tiene la capacidad para escuchar, evaluar y después formular planes de acción que resuelven  el dilema y, más importante aún, son alcanzables y tienen sentido para implementar. Creo que esto surge del hecho de que él es uno de aquellos raros individuos que ha tenido éxito en todos los emprendimientos más importantes de la IEEE… es un practicante e investigador exitoso, así como un autor consumado y con una amplia experiencia académica. Él es el líder equilibrado y apasionado que yo siento necesitamos para avanzar  el IEEE  en la próxima década.

George Pallis, PhD, Editor in Chief IEEE Internet Computing

I have known Dejan Milojicic for many years, since I have been involved in IEEE Editorial Board of IEEE Internet Computing Magazine. Dejan is one of the most inspirational research scientists I have ever worked alongside. Dejan has a distinguished record of research papers and patents, reflecting his broad technical interests in software systems. Despite his outstanding career in both academia and industry, Dejan has also a long history of service to the computing community,  since he has served IEEE for many years in various volunteer capacities, always coupled with a not usual productivity and successful initiatives. One of the most important aspects in a collaboration is the possibility to work with people that are 1) ethically correct, and 2) easy to interact with. Dejan has both of them, and it is a pleasure to work with him. With his broad perspective, clear vision, strong management skills, professional and research experiences, Dejan is the perfect person to lead IEEE ensuring a sustainable future.


Gabriel Parmer, an Associate Professor in the Computer Science department at George Washington University

Over many years I've known Dejan as a research collaborator, as the organizer of a large research initiative spanning industry and multiple universities, and as a manager during my sabbatical visit at HP Labs. Dejan is a rare researcher who is equally capable of significantly contributing in both basic academic research, and to practical industry initiatives. He has a deep understanding of and vision for the potential of industry/academia collaborations, and a realistic approach to optimize knowledge creation and transition. This is possible because of his deep respect for contributors at all levels, and a masterful management style that focuses on enablement and inspiration. He is deeply involved in the mentoring of young researchers, and cares foremost about their development and success. His ability to create and foster community and collaboration is rare, and will be a particular asset at the highest levels of the IEEE. He has fostered communities both among researchers, and within the IEEE by providing momentum and leadership for conferences and broad initiatives. It would be an immense asset for the IEEE to have a president that not only is a leader in research with a deep understanding of the interaction between research and practice, but also who has contributed at the grass-roots of the IEEE organizing conferences and forward-looking initiatives. I have confidence that Dejan has the skills, temperament, and background to successfully lead the IEEE into its next era, and I cannot more strongly endorse him.

Bob Parro, VP Product Development & Business Development at River North Solutions, IEEE Region 4 Director 2015-2016

I have known Dejan Milojicic for five years. I have interacted with and observed him lead high value, strategic initiatives within IEEE such as the industry engagement initiative which is critically important to the future of IEEE. The measure of a person can be quickly assessed by the degree to which relevant contextual perspective can be rapidly provided on a topic or situation. Not only is this one of Dejan’s key strengths but also the ability to quickly assess contextual perspective brought by other people. In nearly every endeavor understanding where a matter fits into the wider perspective guides a proper course of action. Dejan’s vast global network of key technical and corporate leaders across many industries enables him to influence and partner to make swift progress on initiatives and projects upon which he embarks. His leadership skills, high energy and lean way of working enable quite high productivity levels. His outcome-based view enables correct prioritization of factors to enable successful end results. I consider myself fortunate for having the opportunity to be influenced and inspired by interactions with Dejan on both professional and personal levels. IEEE would be well served with Dejan leading the way as President. 


Chandrakant Patel, HP Senior Fellow and Chief Engineer

I have known Dejan for 20 years. In the early years, I worked with Dejan in shaping and executing the data center research – from data center physical infrastructure to cloud - at HP Labs.  In subsequent years, I collaborated with Dejan on shaping the strategic direction of our research and sharing our work with the external community. With respect to the latter, Dejan contributions are exemplary – from Open Cirrus Cloud Initiative in 2009-2010 to his IEEE contributions.  The 21st century cyber physical age necessitates someone with superb grasp of physical fundamentals and great breath in information (cyber) sciences. In that context, Dejan is the right person at the right time for the role of IEEE president given his technical depth and breadth, leadership and passion for the community.


Michael (MIsha) Rabinovich, Case Western Reserve University Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

I have know Dejan for many years, both as a researcher and in various professional service capacities.   As a researcher, he has consistently produced top-quality work, and his surveys on peer-to-peer computing and process migration became classic papers that helped shape these areas.   As a professional service volunteer, he is always enthusiastic, responsive, tactful, and overall effective in any undertaking.  In particular, we worked together for several years on the Editorial Board for IEEE Internet Computing  during my tenure there as the Editor in Chief, and I could always count on him not just fulfilling his own commitments, but helping out in unexpected situations.  I whole-heartedly endorse him for the IEEE President position, and I think IEEE is fortunate he is willing to take this responsibility. 

Sorel Reisman, IEEE Computer Society President 2011

I have known Dejan for more than 10 years ago when we were both active Computer Society volunteers; ever since he has been a good friend and mentor.   Dejan is a very dynamic and innovative person, unafraid to challenge old and questionable ideas and then to suggest and cooperatively bring about systemic improvements to the committees and boards on which he serves.  I, as Past President, advocated for and strongly supported his nomination to run for president of the CS.  I have never regretted my decision. In Dejan’s subsequent presidency he began rebuilding the CS – an initiative that was long overdue.  I am confident that Dejan, as president of IEEE, can bring to the Institute the same kind of dedication and commitment to improvement that is also long overdue in IEEE.   

Jon Rosdahl, Engineer, Senior Staff, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.; IEEE Computer Society 2017-2018 Standards VP

While serving as the Computer Society Vice President, Standards Activities 2017-2018, I observed Dejan's work ethic and capabilities first hand.  He is one that will ask the appropriate questions to obtain a broad set of data to base his decisions on.  He is very personable, and treats people with respect.  I have observed him as he gathers people into a new project and utilizes the combined skill sets of the volunteers he is leading.  I endorse Dejan for office of the President of the IEEE.  I believe his leadership style of inclusion and support will add to the effectiveness and success of the IEEE.

Marina Ruggieri, Full Professor of Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Roma “Tor Vergata”

I had the pleasure of cooperating with Dejan during my term as IEEE Vice President Technical Activities. appreciate Dejan’s broad and deep technical competence along with his curiosity for new topics and related challenges. He is indeed a hard worker and his strategic attitudes combine effectively a visionary and a practical approach. All the above merged with his amazing leadership capabilities make him the best choice for IEEE top ledearship positions.

Roberto Saracco

I had the pleasure of working with Dejan for several years. I knew of his work as I was at the COMSOC Board since the activities he carried out within the Computer Societies overlapped in part with the interest of COMSOC: I wrote a COMSOC 2020 document, to outline the possible evolution in the area of communications that would have affected COMSOC and on which COMSOC should have taken action and part of these evolutions were clearly influenced/steered by the evolution in the computer world, the area that Dejan was focussing on at that time and his work and ideas were an inspiration for my work. Subsequently, since 2012, I had the opportunities of working side by side first during my four years as FDC Chair and then in the subsequent two years as Chair of the Industry Advisory Board of the FDC. I found Dejan ideas, contributions and vision most inspiring for our work at FDC.  He is clearly rooted in the industry and this provides him with a firm grasp on what industry needs and most important what industry can do in the short and medium term. This provides a good steering to pursue research topics that will translate into industrial innovation in the medium term. We have interacted over these last years even more as he was engaged in the Industry board of IEEE. Additionally, Dejan can have a longer term vision that is inspiring to researchers in academia pointing out what are the key challenges and roadblocks ahead. My personal experience with Dejan has been very positive, I keep appreciating his dedication to IEEE and his broad understanding of IEEE as an organisation and as a community of dedicated volunteers. I strongly support the Board nomination for him to run for IEEE 2021 candidate. I feel that Dejan would provide a significant contribution to the evolution of IEEE at a time when we absolutely need to understand the Digital Transformation that industry is experiencing and pursuing, a transformation that will impact IEEE in its core business of knowledge aggregator and distributor, standardisation and foster of technology. His roots in industry and his vision in the long term will position IEEE to keep its leading position, keep present membership and attract new one.

Rafal Sliz, 2017-2018 IEEE Young Professionals Chair, Adjunct Professor, University of Oulu, Finland

I have had the pleasure to work with Dejan on a few projects and his efficiency and devotions are exemplary. He possesses a unique ability to immediately recognize the core of the problem, propose a suitable solution and execute.

A perfect mix of academic knowledge and industrial experience equipped him with an exceptional set of skills necessary to be a great leader that listen, advise, and most importantly follow the reason and common sense. His multinational experience gives him better insights and understanding of our multicultural environment, global trends, and challenges that IEEE is facing.

In this fast-changing world, where technology is one of the main drivers, the IEEE to remain the world-leading engineering organization will need dynamic and decisive leaders. Although every member of IEEE has different needs and expectations, when it comes to getting things done, Dejan is the right choice.

John Paul Strachan, Hewlett Packard Laboratories Master Technologist and Research Manager

Dejan will be a tremendously effective IEEE President and I offer my full support.  I believe Dejan will bring hard-earned experience, wisdom, and vision to this role.  As somebody who has enjoyed a very fruitful collaboration with Dejan for the past several years, I can attest to Dejan’s ability to build bridges across different engineering and scientific communities.  While his team and mine work in entirely disparate areas (OS and software versus circuits and hardware), Dejan tapped his nearly unlimited energy to initiate a joint project between us that continues to have large impact in our company and in the R&D community.  Dejan has impressed me with his resourcefulness, drive, and inability to take “no” for an answer.  I think these as well as many other attributes will serve him – and IEEE – extremely well as IEEE President.

Elie K. Track, CEO nVizix LLC, Past President of the IEEE Council on Superconductivity (2011-2014)

  • Three years ago I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting Dejan. Our collaboration in serving IEEE initiatives in new computing paradigms began and continues to this day. Throughout, Dejan displayed the rare combination of talent, efficiency, friendliness, ethics, and spirit of service that is always a pleasure to encounter within IEEE volunteers. Dejan’s creative input helped shape our initiatives, make them more inclusive, and solidify the foundation of their success. IEEE will no doubt benefit from his leadership which, along with anticipated innovation and value creation, is bound to add much needed simplification and efficiency as only a hands-on practitioner of industry and real markets can bring.

Trung Tran, ampl.io

It is my great pleasure to endorse Dejan Milojicic’s candidacy for IEEE President.   I met Dejan about two years ago at the confluence event in Philadelphia. He impressed me with his leadership style and his passion for the topic of AI and Cyber. Leading a room full of industry experts with their own opinions and agendas is no easy task. His passion and commitment won us over and allow us to create the initial confluence document very quickly. Since then, he has impressed me at several meetings with his technical acumen. He clearly has mastery over computing as a scientific field and can dive into very informed and detailed discussions on a variety of topics in the field. He especially impressed me with his understanding of large scale computing for AI and gen1 AI algorithms. Personally, I find it a pleasure to spend time and work with Dejan as we embark on the difficult but much-needed task of getting IEEE, the US Government, and academia on the same page when it comes to cyber standards and the creation of a Grand Challenge. I believe Dejan's passion, commitment, and expertise makes him a great candidate for president.

Prof. Dr.Ir. M.R. Van Steen (Maarten) Scientific Director Digital Society Institute, University of Twente

I've known Dejan for many years and in different roles. We've collaborated in program committees, as members of an editorial board, but have also seeked each other's advice on all sort of subjects related to Computer Science. As a professional, I consider Dejan unique in being able to combine strong industrial views with those of a scientifc researcher. Not many people have this quality, oftentimes being unintendendly biased by what we do for our profession. What is also striking in this respect, is Dejan's broad view on (scientific) engineering while at the same time being a full-fledged expert in distributed computer systems. His opinion matters and is always substantiated. As a person, he has the ability to listen well, taking multiple perspectives into account and to then finalize discussions with decisions that make sense. Sensitive to all opinions, it is always a joy to collaborate with Dejan. If he's elected for this prestiguous role, I'm convinced the IEEE will have the very strong and visonary president it needs.

Jeffrey Voas, FIEEE, NIST

I have known Dejan for many years through various positions in the Computer Society. He is a straight shooter – and with no nonsense. He is very trustworthy and has excellent leadership skills.  Each year IEEE continues to need its top leaders to offer new vision and strategy.   Dejan clearly has that ability and would make a terrific President.

Charlene, Chuck, Wallrad

I worked with Dejan on the Executive Committee of the Computer Society Board of Governors during his terms as President-elect, President, and Past President of the Computer Society. He brought desperately needed real change. He is an inspiring natural leader who invites participation, listens closely, articulates cohesive visions for the future of the organization, and acts decisively.  Putting his technical expertise to work for the CS, he spearheaded the CS 2020 report, as well as Technology Trends, putting the CS on track as the respected “go to” technical source for industry and the media. He is truly dedicated to the IEEE and its future. He would be a fantastic IEEE president!

Gerd Zellweger, VMware Research, Palo Alto, CA, USA

I had the pleasure of working closely with Dejan, who was my mentor and manager when working with him as part of a four person team in 2014. I remember it fondly as an incredibly prolific time for all of us where we built a mature research prototype and submitted multiple patents and top tier conference papers in record time. This feat was in no small part thanks to Dejan and his superb management and leadership skills. Dejan did a great job of selecting a team that brought together people with diverse CS backgrounds. His leadership qualities are unassuming and he leads by example and being hardworking himself. He also has a deep knowledge about computer-science from being a researcher as well as being in industry for a long time. This allows him to tie together research and practice seamlessly and it allowed us to have new insights and perspectives on use-cases of our work. I have absolutely no doubts that Dejan has the personality, the experience, and the leadership qualities to become the IEEE president. I wholeheartedly endorse him!

Avelino Francisco Zorzo. Professor at PUCRS. Coordinator for Professional MSc and PhD Computing Science Programs for the Brazilian Government

I was glad to hear  about Dejan's nomination for IEEE presidency. I have collaborated with Dejan for the past 3 years and during that time he has demonstrated leadership throughout several initiatives. He has gathered researchers from institutions, from several countries, to collaborate in different projects. I believe his expertise, technical and managerial, will be a great asset for his role as IEEE president. Furthermore, he has always demonstrated to be a very accessible person that knows how to bring people and ideas together. I believe that Dejan's qualities are very important for any organization.
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