Interview with Dejan (30 min)

From Research To Reality

Guiding principles

My whole platform, and all activities attempt to:
  • Meet the needs of our diverse and international constituency;
  • Promote the engagement of underrepresented groups such as women, students, and young professionals; and
  • Enable and support sound ethical practices.

Position Statement (Summary)

IEEE has not kept pace with the changing profession. It must adjust or gradually diminish in relevance. We need to:

Increase IEEE's relevance to industry, and tie them better to academia and government, e.g.:
  • Consulting services to corporate, government, e.g. cross-technology evaluation
  • Practitioner reports, trend papers of timely, practical value
  • Host modern events targeted to industry, culminating in Industry Congress

Innovate IEEE by introducing offerings, e.g.:

  • Recruit members from 18M SW developers, talent mgmt., new member grades
  • Tighter workflow connecting TAB and SA for right-timing of agile standards
  • Corporate partnership with SMBs and startups in addition to enterprises

Expand global membership in Asia/Africa, strengthen Americas/Europe:

  • Grow IEEE-USA into IEEE-Global-Policy, extend with IEEE-Asia, IEEE-Europe
  • Collaborate with sister organizations, such as NAE, AAAI, ACM, ASM
For more details see full position statement.

Biography (Summary)

I am a catalyst of change, a technical leader in system software:

Distinguished Technologist at Hewlett Packard Labs

  • –‘98-now at HP(E) Labs working on systems software
  • at OSF Research Institute, Cambridge MA
  • PhD at University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • Institute “Mihajlo Pupin”, Belgrade, Serbia

Working at the birthplace of Silicon Valley

  • Regularly presents to CTO of HPE customers
  • Exposed to dynamic industry, startups, VCs


  • 41 patents, 126 patent app, 2 books, >180 papers (scholar)
  • Fellow of IEEE (2010), ACM Distinguished Engineer

Global reach, extensive management experience

  • Managed teams in India, Brazil, Singapore, China, US
  • Works with UIUC, Purdue, GaTech, ETH, Technion, etc.
  • Managed OpenCirrus Cloud Computing Testbed with 16 global sites 

I have the strong support of the HPE CTO and Lab VP. For more details see full bio.

Accomplishments (Summary)

(Past) Chair of Industry Engagement (2018) 2015-2017

  • portfolio: Industry Advisory Board, Infrastructure Conference,
    Confluence of AI & Cybersecurity, Industry Summit, etc.
  • formed Industry Engagement Committee
  • worked closely with all VPs and management council
  • working towards Industry Congress

Audit Committee Chair, 2018

  • oversaw Global Spec; harmonized committee with MOUs

Computer Society President

  • reduced financial deficit by 37%, new revenue sources
  • introduced prestigious “Spirit of Computer Society” Award
  • IEEE CS 2022 Report, Tech Trends, Computing Now,
    Special Technical Communities; started 3 conferences
  • on Magazine/Transactions boards, 3 conferences PC chair
For more details see full accomplishments.